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Change management

Version and change management is the key to CSCW. Version control programs (e.g., cvs, sccs, etc.) are mainly developed for software projects. For project management, the aegis system [Mil95] provides sufficient control. In this system, team members get certain roles to perform tasks: like development, reviewing, project management, and integration. Aegis allows users to distribute tasks, monitor task status, run plausibility tests (i.e., syntax checks), semantic checks (i.e., automated black box testing), and reviews (by users, reviewer, third person tests). The system is very flexible and allows users to apply their own test functions but requires a lot of system knowledge.

A system based on automatic change management or e tex2html_wrap_inline209 mail submissions (see section 2) can be customized for the following applications.

Jens Herder
Tue Oct 21 12:31:47 JST 1997