Abstract: Interactive Sound Spatialization - a Primer

Jens Herder. Interactive Sound Spatialization - a Primer, MM News, (in Japanese), The University of Aizu Multimedia Center, Vol. 8, pp. 8-12, March, 2000.

Sound spatialization is a technology which puts sound into the three dimensional space, so that it has a perceivable direction and distance. Interactive means mutually or reciprocally active. Interaction is when one action (e.g., user moves mouse) has direct or immediate influence to other actions (e.g., processing by a computer: graphics change in size). Based on this definition an introduction to sound reproduction using DVD and virtual environments is given and illustrated by applications (e.g., virtual converts).


Sound Spatialization, DVD, Interactivity, Virtual Concerts, Resource Management

MM News, The University of Aizu Multimedia Center, Vol. 8, March 2000: [PDF]
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